Our Facilities

Located in the Jepara, Central java, Indonesia. our manufacturing plant is buzzing with activity. To deliver on the promise of world-class quality, it is fitted out with top-notch infrastructure and several machines to help the production process. At Linoti we take great pride in the furniture we create. Our skilled craftsmanship is what separates us from the others and includes beautiful marquetry, vibrant carving, and artful finishing processes such as crackling and distressing. Our talented team work skil-fully with materials to transform your furniture into items of beauty. Every stage of production deserves the attention of our master craftsmen, and every detail is applied by hand, giving every piece that per-sonal touch.

Manufacturing Facilities

We believe in excellence. At Linoti Home Living, we are incredibly proud of our manufacturing fa-cility. Our fully integrated facility houses every single process needed throughout the manufacturing of our furniture; including drying, machining, veneering, assembling and finishing. In addition we have modern wood working machinery, which ensures that all component parts are created with consistency and precision.

We believe it is essential to continuously review and improve every aspect of our production. We are continuously updating our technical capability and manufacturing equipment to ensure we can pro-duce the most beautiful furniture that you will fall in love with. It is essential that everything gets to you in an excellent condition, and to achieve this we design and manufacture packaging that is specifically tailored to your products' size and shape. This will ensure your furniture arrives exactly how it left the factory.

We are using only the best and certified materials such as Mahogany wood, MDF, Veneer Plywood, iron and many more to produced beautiful yet high quality products. Solid wood construction forms a major part of our furniture production. Local and imported species are carefully selected for their-strength as well as for their unique grain. The beauty of the furniture is of utmost importance to us and using solid wood not only ensures we achieve the perfect finished look but that all our furniture is also strong and durable. Control of moisture content is vital from the start to the finish. To this end, we have invested in several large and fully automated kiln drying facilities on site to maintain the correct mois-ture content throughout the process. This ensures the furniture is of the highest quality. These facilities also allow us to have a continuous supply of ready to use quality timber so that there is never any delay in our production runs.

We are fully committed to the sustainability of the raw materials we use. We source timbers from legal and sustainable sources with the appropriate certification and proof of chain of custody. Linoti Home Living is certified by an approved Indonesian Legal Wood Certification, SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu).